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Houston Bicycle Injury Attorney

Have you been injured on a bicycle, then you’ve got a lot on your plate like your physical recovery. But there’s more than just getting the treatment you need. You’ll need to contact a licensed attorney with experience in personal injuries. An attorney, like Benjamin Roberts can give legal advice, apprise you of your rights, and deliver the compensation you deserve.

When you’re hit by a motor vehicle while riding your bike you need to first call the police and report the incident. Next, you’ll need to gather information from the other driver such as their name, phone number, insurance, and license plate. In the event that the driver flees the scene you’ll still need to report the incident to the police and your insurance. Typically, your own insurance will cover your damages if you’re hurt in a hit and run. After you’re hit while riding your bike, you will then need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Delaying treatment can signal to an insurance company or jury that your injuries must not have been very serious.

After you’ve taken care of yourself, you will then need to determine who was at fault. In some cases, the fault is straightforward. For example, a bicyclist crosses the road on a green light and is hit by a motorist; the motorist is clearly at fault because the bicyclist had the right of way. Sometimes both parties are partly at fault and this is where Texas’ rules on proportionate liability come into play. That is, a plaintiff who is also to blame for the injury can have their recovery reduced by the amount they are to blame. For example, a bicyclist who runs a stop sign and is hit by a speeding motorist would have their recovery reduced because they were in violation of road rules as well.

Bicyclists are treated like motorists and are therefore required to follow the same driving laws that motorists do. But cyclists are in a much more dangerous position by virtue of being on a bicycle. Common causes of bicycle injuries are:

  • Intersection collisions, the most common of which is a bicyclist crossing the road on a green light and a motorist turning right at the intersection without yielding the right of way.
  • Riding against traffic. Many cyclists consider this a safe way to ride because you can actually see the traffic. This is actually against the law because Texas requires all bicycles to abide by the same motor vehicle laws as vehicles when using a public roadway. Instead, follow the direction of traffic and keep to the shoulder.
  • Poorly maintained shoulders are a frequent cause of injuries. Shoulders are where the majority of cyclists will be riding and shoulders are often not high on the list of priorities for road repair. This leads to many shoulders being dilapidated and filled with hazards such as potholes.

Your road to recovery begins with a free review of your legal options. Call me any time to schedule a free consultation. Because I work on a contingency basis, you only pay if we win. While I can’t promise a particular outcome, I will work to get you the compensation you deserve.

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a bicycle accident, contact bicycle accident attorney Benjamin Roberts today at (713) 609-1898. You want an attorney that has experience handling bicycle accident claims and knows what you will need to do to recover not only from your injuries but also recover compensation from those who caused your injuries.


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