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Car accidents and other types of motor vehicle collisions are among the leading causes of catastrophic injury and death in Houston and across the United States. If the other driver caused your accident, such as by aggressive driving, texting or talking on a cell phone, or drinking and driving, you are most likely entitled to pursue compensation by filing a claim against his or her liability insurance policy.

The Benjamin Roberts Law Firm, PLLC can help you by gathering evidence to prove fault in the case, preparing your claim and representing you with the insurance company. If they refuse to pay you the amount that you deserve, he may even take the case to trial in pursuit of a jury verdict in your favor. If you are in need of a Houston car accident lawyer, you need look no further than The Benjamin Roberts Law Firm, PLLC. A dedicated personal injury attorney is ready to help with your case.

How Does State Law Handle Car Accidents?

Every car accident is someone’s fault. One driver must take on legal liability for the result, especially if someone is hurt. However, proving the fault of a driver could be a difficult task. State law allows injured plaintiffs to claim damages when another person’s careless actions caused an accident. Negligence carries a strict legal definition that all plaintiffs must be able to prove if they wish to collect payment. In short, verifying negligence involves three main elements:

  • The defendant must owe a plaintiff a responsibility to care for their wellbeing
  • The defendant’s actions violate this duty of care
  • The failure to protect a plaintiff caused their injuries

In car accidents, there is always a duty of care because all drivers must act responsibly when they get behind the wheel. As long as an individual can produce medical records that connect the treated injuries to an incident, they will be successful in this element of proving another’s negligence.

Most car accident cases center around whether a defendant driver breached their duty of care. One powerful piece of evidence is a police report from a responding officer. If this report indicates that an officer issued a ticket to a defendant driver, a plaintiff could more effectively demonstrate a breach of a duty of care. A hardworking attorney in Houston is prepared to gather all the evidence needed to show that another driver was entirely to blame for a car collision.

Filing a Vehicle Crash Claim

It is never too early to start the process of filing a car accident claim. In fact, the earlier that a case begins, the easier it is for a legal representative to gather the evidence needed to pursue adequate compensation. However, people should be aware that defendants’ insurance companies like to take advantage of unrepresented clients. They believe they can convince people to take quick settlements before a case fully develops or trick people into making statements that admit fault. However, as soon as a person hires a lawyer, an insurance company must deal with that legal advocate directly. After a seasoned Houston lawyer takes a vehicle crash case, they work to preserve evidence, develop a claim, and push for maximum compensation.

Most car wreck cases are subject to time restrictions known as the statute of limitations. Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003 states that an individual must file their claim no more than two years from the date of injury. Insurance companies are aware of this rule and will not discuss cases that violate the statute of limitations.

Contact a Houston Car Accident Attorney Today

After your accident, contact Benjamin Roberts for a free initial consultation. He can review your case to determine liability for the accident, as well as discuss the impact of the situation in order to establish how much you should receive in a settlement or jury verdict. A Houston car accident lawyer could work to protect your rights.

Benjamin Roberts works on a contingency-fee basis, meaning that you do not have to pay him a fee up front and will owe him nothing unless he wins your case. You cannot rely on the insurance company to look out for your interests; they are not on your side. Do not take chances with the outcome of your case by attempting to resolve it on your own. Let Benjamin Roberts put his skill and experience to work for you in the pursuit of a better and brighter future. Contact The Benjamin Roberts Law Firm, PLLC, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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