Case Recoveries

$15,000,000 Recovery

Refinery Fire – Multiple Clients Injured

$3,000,000 Recovery

Tire Explosion – Product Defect

$575,000 Recovery

Sexual Assault

$300,000 Recovery

Pedestrian Hit By Car

$252,500 Recovery

Motor Vehicle Accident – Unsafe Lane Change

$152,500 Recovery

Apartment Shooting

$250,000 Recovery

Dram Shop Claim

$225,000 Recovery

Pedestrian Hit by FedEx Truck

$125,000 Recovery

Motor Vehicle Accident – Client Rear-Ended

$240,000 Recovery

18-Wheeler Accident – Client T-Boned

$200,000 Recovery

Bicycle Accident

$180,000 Recovery

Employment Retaliation

$175,000 Recovery

18-Wheeler Accident – Client Rear Ended

$175,000 Recovery

Low Impact Rear-End Accident

$125,000 Recovery

Dog Bite

$110,000 Recovery

Injury on Airplane

$105,000 Recovery

Low Impact Rear-End Accident

$100,000 Recovery

Passenger Injured in Motor Vehicle Accident

$95,000 Recovery

Premises – Trip and Fall

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Becoming injured due to the acts of another is never a simple event in your life. No one injured in this way should have to pay for necessary medical treatment, property repair, lost wages, and damaged relationships that could result.

A Houston personal injury lawyer might be able to help. A legal advocate starts by listening to your side of the story. They could apply the proper laws to your case to pursue a defendant who is responsible. There is a limited time to file a claim, so contact our firm today to schedule your appointment.

Benjamin Roberts Attorney at Law

Benjamin Roberts Attorney at Law