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Any of our day-to-day activities could result in an injury. Something as simple as walking down the street, driving a car, or shopping for groceries opens people up to a potential personal injury. In many situations, no one can prevent these accidents. However, in other cases, an injury might be the result of someone else’s intentional act or careless behavior.

A Houston personal injury lawyer could help you understand the legal ramifications of your injuries and pursue compensation from at-fault parties. A seasoned legal team could fight to provide monetary payments and peace of mind during difficult times.

Attorney Benjamin Roberts
$15,000,000 Recovery

Refinery Fire – Multiple Clients Injured

$3,000,000 Recovery

Tire Explosion – Product Defect

$575,000 Recovery

Sexual Assault

$300,000 Recovery

Pedestrian Hit By Car

$252,500 Recovery

Motor Vehicle Accident – Unsafe Lane Change

$152,500 Recovery

Apartment Shooting

$250,000 Recovery

Dram Shop Claim

$225,000 Recovery

Pedestrian Hit by FedEx Truck

$125,000 Recovery

Motor Vehicle Accident – Client Rear-Ended

$240,000 Recovery

18-Wheeler Accident – Client T-Boned

$200,000 Recovery

Bicycle Accident

$180,000 Recovery

Employment Retaliation

$175,000 Recovery

18-Wheeler Accident – Client Rear Ended

$175,000 Recovery

Low Impact Rear-End Accident

$125,000 Recovery

Dog Bite

$110,000 Recovery

Injury on Airplane

$105,000 Recovery

Low Impact Rear-End Accident

$100,000 Recovery

Passenger Injured in Motor Vehicle Accident

$95,000 Recovery

Premises – Trip and Fall

What Situations Might Warrant a Personal Injury Case?

Almost any injury that is traceable to the careless actions of another could allow a plaintiff to file a personal injury claim. Some common examples include:

  • A person in their vehicle at a red light is rear-ended by another car. An injured individual could pursue payment from an at-fault driver and their insurance company for both property damages and physical injuries.
  • A shopper is buying groceries when they slip on a wet floor in a store. All businesses have a duty to ensure that their property is safe for shoppers. An individual pursues compensation because of a lapse in this responsibility through a slip and fall case. These claims are usually subject to premises liability law.
  • In a heated argument with another patron at a bar, a customer is punched in the face resulting in a broken cheekbone. On top of any criminal charges filed against a puncher, a customer may also pursue a civil case for assault.
  • While visiting a friend’s house, a person is bit on the leg by a homeowner’s dog. This results in deep cuts and infection. In this situation, a personal injury claim is likely an option.

An important thing to comprehend is that each of these examples has particular legal requirements. A skilled attorney in Houston is familiar with these obligations – they could help an individual fully understand a personal injury case and the potential outcomes.

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Brenda , Former Client

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Fellow Personal Injury Attorney

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Ken , Former Client

“Having to contact a lawyer is something no one wants to do, but I found myself searching for one. I came across Ben Roberts and I am so glad I did. He was very kind, helpful, and understanding through the whole process. Roxanne was amazing as well, she was great with keeping me updated often and was very responsive. If I ever have to contact a lawyer again, this will be the only office I call. Everyone was amazing!”

Krystal , Former Client

“I was very pleased with the legal services provided by Ben Roberts. I found him to be very smart, highly ethical, and an attorney who went the extra mile. It was a very positive customer experience and one you do not get with every law firm. I give them my highest endorsement.”

Marcy , Former Client

“I contacted the Benjamin Roberts Law Firm as I needed to discuss an issue regarding a backpay dispute at work. Ben took the time, multiple emails/calls, to ask questions to see if the dispute was worth pursuing. Ben refused to accept a retainer fee until he was certain that we should move forward. It was refreshing to know that he was not only concerned with making money but had my best interest in mind. I would recommend Ben to anyone who needs representation in his fields of expertise.”

Matt , Potential Client

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Opposing Counsel

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Below are just some of the more common types of cases that Benjamin Roberts represents personal injury clients.
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What to Expect from a Personal Injury Claim

Every allegation of personal injury is unique, and no two cases end the same way. An ideal goal for every client is to reach a fair settlement that fully addresses their injuries. Many cases fight for compensation for physical and mental injuries. Severe injuries involve medical treatment but may also require a plaintiff to miss time at work, endure painful physical rehabilitation, and overcome mental trauma. Well-researched and written personal injury demand packages properly frame all these concerns and are backed by substantial evidence.

Even the most solid case can take significant time to resolve properly. For example, Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003 gives most plaintiffs two years from the injury date to initiate a claim for compensation. This allows all the parties to participate in extensive settlement negotiations before a claim expires. It is impossible to know precisely how long a case will take, but the sooner an individual contacts an attorney in Houston, the sooner they could receive the deserved repayment for a personal injury.

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Becoming injured due to the acts of another is never a simple event in your life. No one injured in this way should have to pay for necessary medical treatment, property repair, lost wages, and damaged relationships that could result.

A Houston personal injury lawyer might be able to help. A legal advocate starts by listening to your side of the story. They could apply the proper laws to your case to pursue a defendant who is responsible. There is a limited time to file a claim, so contact our firm today to schedule your appointment.

Benjamin Roberts Attorney at Law

Benjamin Roberts Attorney at Law