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Fatigued Truck Drivers in Houston Accidents

Drowsy driving can have serious consequences for anyone who is exhausted and behind on their sleep. Truck drivers may go without sleep to meet tight deadlines or choose to push through the night to avoid traffic. Fatigue impairs reaction times, diminishes attentiveness, and increases the possibility of making mistakes that injure others.

If you got into a car wreck due to a drowsy truck driver, a dedicated truck accident attorney could help you explore your options. Large vehicles combined with exhaustion are a dangerous mix. A lawyer can explain how the cause of a driver’s fatigue affects your likelihood of being compensated for any losses or harm you suffered. Our skilled legal team has handled many cases involving fatigued truck drivers in Houston accidents and can help you understand the legal process.

Common Causes and Effects

Truck drivers often face tight deadlines. They have irregular hours that often lead to them being fatigued. Sometimes their companies shirk local and federal laws and pressure them to ignore safety guidelines to get their work done as fast as possible.

Sleep is essential for focusing and performing well every day. When truck drivers fail to get enough sleep, they put themselves, their cargo, and everyone on the road at risk because their ability to drive safely is affected. When a driver is sleep deprived, they are likely to experience impaired reaction times, decreased alertness, memory and cognitive impairment, and poor decision-making.

Both motorists and truck drivers alike can sustain life-changing injuries during a wreck and after. Their injuries can include:

These injuries can lead to lost wages, expensive medical bills, and immense pain and suffering. People often turn to Benjamin Roberts Law for help when they have experienced a collision in Houston due to a truck driver being fatigued.

What to Know About Filing Deadlines

Understanding the legal timeframe for filing a lawsuit is essential to ensure that injured people can have their voices heard and seek compensation for their damages. The statute of limitations for truck crashes, including those involving drowsy drivers, is two years from the date of the accident. When the wreck results in a fatality, the family of the deceased has two years from the date of death to file a wrongful death claim. Failing to file a lawsuit within this period typically results in losing the right to seek compensation through the court system.

The two-year statute of limitations is strict, but a few exceptions exist. For example, when the truck was owned or operated by a government entity, different rules to file may apply. Further, if the injured party is a minor or legally incapacitated at the time of the accident, the statute of limitations may be paused until the victim reaches the age of majority or is no longer incapacitated. In some situations, the statute of limitations can be extended because of discovery issues. These exceptions are not extremely common, so it is important to consult with a lawyer in Houston who can ensure all deadlines are met after a fatigued truck driver causes an accident.

Reach Out to an Attorney in Houston After a Fatigued Driver Truck Accident

Colliding with a truck can have lifelong effects on a survivor. It is important to immediately get medical attention, and it is your legal right to hold fatigued truck drivers in Houston accidents accountable. Our experienced team can help you fight for your rights. You deserve to recover and rebuild your life. Call us today to get started.

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