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The refineries located throughout the state are an important part of the country’s energy infrastructure. The work they do is essential, and the pressure to meet supply quotas is intense. Unfortunately, accidents can happen during the rush to meet these demands.

When you are injured in a refinery accident, you could have a viable lawsuit against the negligent party. An experienced workplace injury attorney could advise you on pursuing a civil lawsuit outside of the workers’ compensation system. Let a Houston plant and refinery accident lawyer review the facts of your case and assist with your suit.

How an Attorney Could Help After a Plant and Refinery Accident

The aftermath of a plant and refinery accident can be chaotic. Unlike other injury cases, it could be unsafe even to approach the area where the refinery accident occurred. This is particularly true following fires or explosions. A Houston attorney could assist with a plant or refinery accident by understanding what happened.

An attorney could determine how an accident occurred by working with state or federal regulators and investigators. These individuals could provide important information not immediately available to the public.

A legal representative could also research previous incidents similar to the accident in question. When there is a history of similar accidents in the same facility, it could be important evidence of negligence.

Totaling the damage caused by a major refinery accident can be difficult. Often, the injury and property damage claims that stem from these accidents can be immense. A lawyer could use experts to evaluate these damages and testify in front of a jury regarding the compensation the injured party is entitled to recover.

Filing a Lawsuit After a Refinery Accident

It is a common misconception that the employees of a refinery are unable to file a lawsuit following an accident. While state workers’ compensation rules limit a worker’s ability to sue their employer after an accident, civil suits are still an option in other situations. A plant and refinery accident lawyer in Houston could identify the parties that could be targets of a lawsuit.

Refineries are busy places. In addition to the employees that work there, third parties like vendors, delivery drivers, or government workers could also be present. When these third parties are responsible for an accident, a facility employee could have a viable legal claim.

Of course, not everyone injured in a plant or refinery accident is an employee. Anyone injured in a refinery accident who is not an employee can pursue a civil lawsuit against all responsible parties. In cases where an explosion results in damage beyond the perimeter of the facility, nearby property owners or even individuals traveling near the refinery at the time of the explosion could file a suit.

Let a Houston Plant and Refinery Accident Attorney Help With a Lawsuit

When a plant or refinery accident resulted in your injury, it is important to seek legal counsel immediately. Lawsuits surrounding these accidents can be complex and take time to resolve. Do not pursue a refinery accident case on your own. Call a Houston plant and refinery accident lawyer today to get started.

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