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Fortunately, industrial workers are considerably safer at their jobs today than in prior years. There have been countless technological advancements that have improved worker safety and protection. Unfortunately, industrial workplace accidents still occasionally happen and can cause devastating injuries.

When you suffer a workplace injury, you should discuss the details of your accident with a Houston industrial accident lawyer. A knowledgeable workplace injury attorney could help you collect your rightful workers’ compensation benefits from your employer and investigate whether you are eligible for compensation from a third party in a legal claim.

Types of Industrial Accidents

A person who works in an industrial setting is more at risk of injuries in a serious workplace accident because they work with heavy equipment and in more dangerous situations. The following types of industrial accidents frequently occur:

  • Boiler explosions
  • Natural gas explosions
  • Electrical accidents
  • Falls, such as from a scaffolding collapse or one level to another level
  • Refinery explosions
  • Exposure to dangerous or toxic substances, such as chemicals or asbestos
  • Pipeline collapses
  • Accidents due to defective equipment, such as moving equipment, trucks, or motor vehicles

After a workplace accident, meet with a Houston attorney who understands how industrial accident claims work. A knowledgeable attorney has years of practical experience and a solid understanding of the relevant laws. They would know how to navigate complex workers’ compensation and injury claims.

The injuries from industrial accidents can be more severe than in other workplace settings because industrial settings are riskier. People in industrial accidents often suffer life-altering injuries, such as brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, crush injuries, amputations, and internal bleeding. A hardworking attorney could assess and evaluate an injured worker’s losses to help them fight for a fair recovery.

Potential Sources of Recovery in an Industrial Accident

In many industrial accidents, there is more than one potential source of compensation.

Workers’ Compensation

As with any workplace accident, injured employees are generally eligible for workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation provides insurance benefits to injured workers. It is available to workers regardless of who or what caused their injury. In other words, even if a worker did something to cause their injury, they can usually still collect benefits. Workers’ compensation benefits typically cover an injured employee’s reasonable medical costs and a portion of their lost wages.

Some employers and their insurance companies try hard to fight, delay, or minimize the payment of workers’ compensation proceeds. For example, they might argue the injury occurred outside of the scope of the injured employee’s job. A seasoned attorney knows how to fight back against these defensive tactics.

Third-Party Liability

The major drawback of workers’ compensation benefits is that they are exclusive. When a worker collects these benefits, they cannot sue their employer for additional damages, such as pain and suffering. However, there is another source of recovery in many industrial accidents.

Workers can pursue legal claims against other parties that played a role in their accident, such as subcontractors or manufacturers of defective products. Because the payments in third-party lawsuits can be substantially higher than workers’ compensation benefits, it is vital to have a lawyer in Houston review the facts of an industrial accident to see if there is any third-party liability.

Reach Out to a Houston Industrial Accident Attorney Today

Industrial accidents typically cause life-changing injuries. You or your hurt family member might face grueling surgeries, immense pain, and large medical bills. When you suffered your injury due to your job, you should not be responsible for footing those bills.

Meet with an experienced Houston industrial accident lawyer to discuss what happened to you. Let them investigate your accident and search for potential sources of financial compensation you can use to aid in your recovery. Reach out today.

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