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Houston Commercial Property Premises Liability Lawyer

Under state law, commercial property owners have a duty to ensure their land is reasonably safe for customers, tenants, and other lawful visitors. Any landowner who fails to meet this expectation and allows you to get hurt on their property as a direct result may hold civil liability for your ensuing damages—but only if you can hold them legally liable through civil litigation.

Filing a lawsuit over an accident on commercial property can be complex, making it important to work with a capable premises liability attorney on your case. With a Houston commercial property premises liability lawyer on your side, you could pursue the compensation you deserve for the harm you never should have sustained.

What Duty of Care Do Commercial Landowners Owe Visitors?

Under Texas premises liability law, property owners have different duties regarding how they should maintain their land and prevent accidents depending on why a particular person is visiting the premises. Most visitors on commercial property in Houston would be classified as either “invitees” or trespassers” under premises liability law, as an experienced attorney could explain.

Invitees to a Business

Invitees are people visiting with the landowner’s knowledge and consent for mutually beneficial purposes, such as a customer shopping in a retail store or a contractor performing paid work on the property. In addition to warning invitees about all known hazards on their property, landowners must regularly inspect their property and warn invitees about any dangerous conditions within a reasonable time.

Trespassers on Commercial Property

Trespassers are people on someone else’s land without the owner’s knowledge or consent and without any lawful authority to be there. Unless a landowner deliberately harms someone by knowingly creating dangerous property conditions, they are generally not liable for any injuries sustained by trespassers.

Recovering Fairly for All Available Damages

When a commercial landowner holds liability for an accident on their property, an injured person could demand civil restitution for both economic and non-economic consequences damages, including:

  • All past and future medical bills
  • Lost working capacity and income
  • Personal property loss or damage
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress and psychological trauma
  • Lost consortium and overall enjoyment of life

However, commercial property owners will often fight to avoid liability for accidents on their land. They may accuse injured people of causing or worsening their injuries through their own negligence. Support from a commercial property premises liability lawyer in Houston can be crucial to overcoming this kind of opposition and maximizing available recovery. Legal counsel could contest claims of partial liability and protect an injured person’s right to compensation.

Get Help From a Houston Commercial Property Premises Liability Attorney

Accidents on commercial property can make for challenging personal injury claims. Not only are many legal rules and restrictions involved, but commercial property owners also dedicate significant financial resources to fighting this type of litigation. Put simply, proceeding with a claim like this without seeking help from seasoned legal counsel will almost always lead to an unsatisfactory outcome.

Assistance from a Houston commercial property premises liability lawyer could significantly improve your chances of recovering fairly for your damages. Learn more about how a skilled attorney could assist you with your case by calling our firm today.

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