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Tragic 133 Car Pile Up Results In At Least 6 Deaths

Tragic 133 Car Pile Up Results In At Least 6 Deaths

Car Pileup Story

At least six people died, and 60 injured were taken to hospitals after an accident involving more than 133 vehicles on a Fort Worth interstate Thursday morning. Thepileupp appeared to have started about 6:15 a.m. Thursday, as motorists ventured onto roads that may have been coated in a thin sheet of ice from freezing rain that had fallen overnight and into the early morning hours.

When emergency vehicles arrived, the accident scene was still expanding. Over several hours, there were 26 Fire Department vehicles, 80 police cars, and 13 ambulances on the stage, officials said. “The scene we saw today is really, pro unlike anything any of us have seen, and we pray to God we never see it again. Our hearts, our thoughts, our prayers go out to everyone negatively affected by this tragic incident,” Fort Worth Police Chief Neil Noakes said.

Videos from bystanders show the initial pileup and then offer large 18-wheeler trucks failing to slow down and piling through cars, launching stationary cars into the air. While media reports are quick to point to road conditions, it is clear from the bystander videos that many of the 18-wheeler trucks that caused the most damage appear to have been traveling at too high of a rate of speed given the weather conditions.

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February 12th, 2021 |  Car Accidents , Personal Injury News , Trucking Accidents , Wrongful Death
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